Absolute Body and Soul 

Massage, Holistic Healing, Wellbeing 

I specialise in the kind of massage that helps people heal - be it physically, or emotionally.
Helping people is a gift I have had since childhood, I always knew the right thing to say, even if it was nothing at all...
Educating myself in Body work allows me to 
achieve the best possible end result 

Be the best you, you can be...

Body Mind and Soul
Ceris x

Ps - New Plymouth's Clinic Tuesdays Only 

*What some of our clients have said...'

"For amazing massage's and treatment, we highly recommend Ceris. She is a very talented and caring lady. Both my husband and myself have monthly massages with her to relieve lower back pain, shoulder and neck pain, She has also given me help with my siatic nerve , with a simple exercise. You leave her rooms after the treatment feeling awesome. We both highly recommend her treatments."
- B and B
 , Eltham

"I would highly reccommend!! I've had many of professional massages and the only one to actually get to the root of my pain was ceris she soothed my aching pain that has been there for years and has taught me amazing little techniques to ease it myself! If your back has got that nagging ache that's hard to shift she knows how to sort it!! I would look no further than absolute body and soul!"

- SF, Rhondda

"Well for those of you interested, ive been good but had a dose of tennis elbow for the last 4 months, which sucked big time.... I went to the doctor about it, so he referred me to a physio, so 6 weeks later the appointment turns up. thought I'd better go as they had made such an effort to schedule me in. and low & behold he did nothing for me, or rather could do nothing more than what Ceris Morgan Hart had already done. just goes to show how amazing ceris really is"

 - SO, Eltham 

"On a totally non healing/massage therapy note.....my son has really smelly shoes! as a lot of boys do, so Ceris made me up some de-odoriser powder....result? I can actually put my nose in his shoes and suffer no side effects! Fantastic! I also use it on my carpet, with another fantastic result, no more bad doggie smells :)"

- TB, Eltham

"WOW! Had an amazing treatment/massage/workout with Ceris for my lower back pain that I've had for years. She is very talented, intuitive and knowledgeable. Changed my life! Thank you so much. P.S. I'll be making another booking v v soon! " 

- JW, New Plymouth

"A massage with Ceris isn't just a massage - it's a well being session. She listens to you about where you're sore/achy, and she even listens to your heart. She does everything she can to make your being well. High recommendation from me." 

- KF, New Plymouth

"I have had many massages from Ceris and I always walk out floating and cant wait to come back the next time. I am terrible back pain after the birth of my daughter and I no longer have that issue. More outstanding in my mind though is the quick reaction my son has had from her therapeutic oils. In 1 day he went from uncontrollable to the lovely kid he is and would sit down and play games nicely. Almost 12 months on whenever he starts to wind up again I just give him a good massage with the oil and he is back on track. Love Love Love!!" 

- TC, South Taranaki

"I have had headaches and crippling migraines since I was pregnant with my first child 15 years ago, not anymore thanks to a cream that Ceris made for me. Pain free and loving it!! I have more energy too :)"

- BG, Eltham

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